מי אנחנו? בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט

Our Story


“Musica VeSheket” (Music and Silence) was established in 2015 at Jerusalem, by a group of friends and musicians. The mission statement and vision guiding us was to provide practical collaborative music studies for musicians, at the highest level, by the best teachers and without examinations or grades.

We’ve wanted to develop a practical learning method, in which one can delve to different musical genres, and at the same time get to know the Israeli music industry. Therefore, we’ve invited some of the best musicians in Israel, all are masters in their field and all performs frequently in Israel and abroad, to lead different kind of Ensembles. That’s how, instead of examinations, the ensembles in “Musica VeSheket” specify in creating a repertoire for big concerts, held at the middle and at the end of the year.

Additionally, we’ve wanted to allow each musician to refine his expectations and wishes from music studies- hence, instead of a predetermined timetable, each musician is invited to choose the courses and ensembles to which she or he connects with best.

"Musica VeSheket” showcases a mixture of different musical genres from all over the world,

and in recent years our students were taught by leading teachers from diverse musical worlds. In order to allow musicians to touch and explore new musical genres, “Musica VeSheket” offers additional courses that helps deepen and enrich the entrance to each musical world.

The studio of "Musica VeSheket" is located at the “Alliance House”, right at the center of Jerusalem.

The building, founded in 1880, was abandoned for the past fifteen years, and now comes back to life as a home for artist from different worlds; painters, photographers, writers, designers and many others. The “Alliance House” is a place for fruitful, inventive, and original meetings and collaborations between different arts and diverse artists.


In addition to the ensembles and courses offered in “Musica VeSheket”, the studio is active as a home for concerts and master classes, and as a rehearsal room.

המורים - בית הספר למוזיקה ושקט
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט

Abatte Barihun


סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Rony Iwryn
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Piris Eliyahu
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Elad Levi
סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Yehuda Shveiky

Omri Mor


Ilan Bar-Lavi

סגל המורים, מוזיקה ושקט
Eyal Talmudi

Courses and Ensembles

Flamenco - Yehuda Shveiky

Mexican Music - Ilan Bar-Lavi

Latin Music - Rony Iwryn

Ethiopian Music - Abatte Barihun

World Jazz - Omri Mor

Global Groove - Eyal Talmudi

Andalusian Music - Elad Levi

Persian Music - Piris Eliyahu


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